Happy Holidays everyone! Especially Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers! Since the holiday season is upon us, many of us (including me) will be travelling home to celebrate various occasions with our families. Hopefully I will be able to book an award seat in Lufthansa First Class on the Boeing 747-8i (I still need to fly LH First Class on the B748i and the A346 to complete my “collection”). I also plan to fly Austrian Airlines Business Class and review the product and their amazing coffee.

Since the Holiday Season has just started, I thought it would be helpful to share some travel tips with all of you. These tips don’t necessarily apply to just the holiday travel time, but can apply whenever you travel as they can make your journey less stressful and quicker.

Alaska Airlines B737 at LAX

Alaska Airlines B737 at LAX

Check-in Online

Queues are insane during peak holiday travel times, lots of inexperienced travellers are trying to check-in and check their bags, it is much easier if you check-in online and print your boarding pass at home or save it in your phone. Even if you have bags to check, you can still print your boarding pass online and simply head to the bag drop area at the airport.

Arrive at the Airport Early

Security queues are always massive during the holidays, there are tons of people travelling – at every hour. It is of key importance to arrive at the airport much earlier than anticipated – 2hrs before domestic, 3hrs before international flights. Chances are security will be a giant mess and therefore it is much safer to leave with extra time than to be rushing for your flight and miss it.

Think Opposite

Have your driver/family/friend drop you off at arrivals at the airport, there will be less traffic and you will be able to walk through the terminal faster. Also, you should visit multiple security checkpoints and go through the one with the fewest people, this means perhaps more walking – however, much worth it.

Join a Trusted Traveller Programme

Frequent Flyers understand that it is of top importance to join a trusted traveller programme. I currently have TSA Pre-Check and Global Entry, both of which allow me expedited security screening and quick entry into the United States by using a kiosk and bypassing massive Customs and Immigration queues. There will be separate queues open for trusted traveller programme members and you can save an insane amount of time by being a member and using the expedited queues.

Be Patient and Understanding

Finally, please be patient and understanding. It isn’t the airport staff’s fault if your flight is cancelled or delayed. Many people are travelling – including those that don’t frequently travel and don’t know airport rules well. Try not to get frustrated at anyone and simply relax, everyone’s goal is the same: get to our families quickly and safely. In fact, I tend to compliment airport staff if they do a good job, it really goes a long way since most inexperienced travellers are blaming airport staff for the slightest issues. The staff will really appreciate it (and it will make their day) if you tell them something nice.


With all of that, I hope everyone has a safe, wonderful Holiday Season. December is my favourite time of the year because of so many different traditions and celebrations happening – it is a truly magical month. I will be travelling to Europe to spend Christmas and New Years with my family, so be sure to keep an eye out for airline and lounge reviews. You can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

Safe travels,