Barclaycard US is a strange bank, they have some of the strictest rules when it comes to applying for credit cards and they also have some credit cards which aren’t as popular with consumers (as in foreign airline cards, sports cards, etc.).

Barclaycard is strict when it comes to having multiple credit cards with them, they are also super strict to approve you for a credit card – and even if they do, they might give you a “lower” version of the card with less benefits (I hate it when banks do this).

Anyway, I’ve had my Miles & More World Elite MasterCard for about two years now (it is one of the first credit cards I got when I turned 18 in 2013), and I decided that since I have a great relationship with Barclaycard (they raise my credit line constantly and I’ve never missed a payment), to apply for another card from Barclaycard. I applied a few weeks ago and was travelling about five days after I applied for the card and since I really wanted to use it, I requested the “express card delivery” for $15 USD.

Some banks like AMEX literally rush the card to you and you can have it as soon as the next day if you apply early enough in the previous day… well that doesn’t work with Barclaycard. To my surprise, I was approved instantly and thought that the card would be made soon and show up at my door in 2-3 business days. Well, that didn’t happen… in fact, the card hasn’t shown up yet at all!

I called the general Barclaycard phone number and was transferred about six times before they knew what I was talking about and finally a nice agent told me that the card hasn’t been made yet! A week and a half after I was approved! Hell, if I had NOT selected the express option, I would’ve had my card by now! She explained that they were having issues with the “express” option on their website and somehow their system wasn’t accurately processing it… I mean seriously?!

She apologised and said I should have the card in a few days as she manually processed it… well a few days later, I still didn’t have the card and so I tweeted them asking what was going on. Apparently there is a more major issue in their system and some cards aren’t being sent out at all… awesome! So it has been approximately three weeks after the application date and I still don’t have the card… using the “express” option. At least they waived the fee… Maybe I will get it for Christmas…


"Express" Card Delivery

“Express” Card Delivery