United Airlines announced yesterday some positive changes regarding North America Premium Cabin Meals:

Beginning Nov. 1, the airline will refresh lunch and dinner choices for United First and United Business customers on flights throughout the U.S. and Canada, and to MexicoCaribbean and Latin America leisure markets.

United-operated flights that currently offer meal service will add new dishes, like Spanish paella, mushroom risotto and seafood cioppino on shorter dinner flights.

The carrier will also expand meals to:

  • Lunch flights longer than three hours, departing between 1:30 and 3:59 p.m., which will offer options that include seasonal entree salads like a Napa salad with grilled salmon, goat cheese and fig and an arugula salad with Milanese-style chicken; and
  • Late-night flights between Hawaii and HoustonChicagoNew York/Newark and Washington, which will offer full dinner service with entrees, such as hoisin short ribs with wasabi grits and stir-fried vegetables.

Late-night non-p.s. transcontinental flights and service between Hawaii and Los AngelesSan Francisco and Denver, as well as other late-departing flights of at least five hours and 20 minutes, will offer hearty sandwiches after takeoff, such as a pretzel burger with bleu cheese dressing, arugula and pickled onions, followed by warmed pastries before arrival.


This is obviously a positive change in many aspects since the current meal situation ends up in either two ways: 1) Either there is a fantastic meal OR 2) There isn’t a meal at all and instead you get a snack basket.

Beginning 1 November, United will refresh the North America premium cabin meals served in United First and United Business. The most important (and great!) change is that Lunch flights longer than three hours departing from 13:30 until 15:59 will finally receive meals! This was a ridiculous move on their part not to include meals on those flights in the first place. Also, select long red-eye flights will now receive meals! This really sucked before, I would often fly a lot of red-eye flights and after the February 2015 meal change, the cold snacks on long red-eye flights went away… looks like some of those flights are finally going to be receiving meals again!

Looks like United’s new CEO is beginning to ‘clean up the mess’ the previous one made with finally some new, positive changes. I’m super excited since United’s First Class meals have been getting better and I fly with them a ton while in America.