One of my friends who has the Miles & More MasterCard from Barclaycard has just informed me that the card design has changed when using the Barclaycard app on the iPhone. He sent me a screenshot and here is what the new Miles & More MasterCard from Barclaycard will look like:

Miles & More MasterCard

Miles & More MasterCard

He has the normal version (the non-Premier blue) and told me that when he uses the app he can see this new card design but it isn’t showing online. I have the silver Premier version and my card design is showing the current one in the Barclaycard app… so perhaps they made some bug in the app to display the non-Premier version with the new design?

Anyway, I guess the Premier card will look the same, just with a silver background. It is a shame that they removed the current airplane design, which I really liked. I also don’t like how there is now a Barclaycard logo. Personally I think Lufthansa needs to ask Barclaycard to being shipping the Miles & More credit cards with the members’ status on the front (just like they do in Germany), then the credit card and service card can be integrated into one.

Anyway, I called Barclaycard and requested a card with a chip and the customer service agent told me they are in the process of converting all of their cards to have a chip and that it should be available by the end of the year and that I would automatically receive a new one with the chip, she didn’t mention anything about the design.

Just out of curiosity, if you guys have the card and an iPhone, what card design is the app showing you?