Ok, I don’t #rant that much but this time I have to.

“How many United points do you need to fly to..”

“I want to use my Chase miles for a flight..”

NO, NO, NO! Miles aren’t points and points aren’t miles! At least not until you convert points to miles, and most of the time, miles can’t be converted to points.

So, I HATE it when people talk about points and use the term “miles” or vice-versa. I think this is what irritates me the most in terms of speaking about our hobby. It isn’t that we do it, it is mostly those people that don’t know how to use miles/points speak like that.

Miles are with airlines, like “airline miles”. Some banks may call their points “miles”, but usually they are still points (Discover-it Miles, for example). Miles usually aren’t transferable and they must stay in the programme they are in, there are a few exceptions, though.

Points are with banks, hotels, etc. Points are usually transferable to other points or to miles. Banks have points which can be transferred to miles. Though then the miles can’t be transferred back to points.

Ok, enough of the rant, just wanted to share today’s observation.