Most airlines have their own stores in which they sell airline-branded items such as luggage, cups, model aircraft, etc. Lufthansa isn’t an exception, however they do have one of the largest airline-branded stores located in a few German airports including Frankfurt and Munich. Lufthansa’s airline-branded store is named “WorldShop” and it features a collection of electronics, home accessories, luggage, Lufthansa-branded items, and much, much more.

Seriously.. WorldShop has like everything you could think of. Most of the items there (online) have nothing to do with travelling or airplanes – there are electronics, furniture, wine, beauty, children items, and much more. You can visit the online WorldShop here:

The online store has many more products than are available at the physical stores in German airports. The Frankfurt Airport WorldShop in area B is one of the biggest and features luggage, model aircraft, collectibles, accessories, watches, electronics, and a ton of cool gadgets that are really useful while travelling.

WorldShop also has frequent discounts and therefore it might cost less to buy luggage (for example), than it would elsewhere. You can either pay with money or miles when buying items from WorldShop, but as we all know – DO NOT USE MILES! Miles should only be used on flights and upgrades – nothing else!

Each time I transit through Frankfurt, I have to visit the WorldShop and buy at least one item. Over the years I’ve collected key chains, model airplanes, Lufthansa-branded items (pens, cups, etc), I also got my Rimowa carry-on at a discounted price from WorldShop. I’ve been to the WorldShop so many times that the staff actually recognise me there and always welcome me back with a smile.

If you have a long layover in Frankfurt and are interested in travel accessories or luggage (or anything else they sell), you should definitely visit the WorldShop in either A or B (although the B WorldShop is larger), warning: they are located outside security.


Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt Airport