Lufthansa, recently, has been celebrating their “retro Lufthansa” in that they’ve been making videos, ads, banners, etc. almost everywhere on the internet to celebrate their 1955 “success”. They also painted a new Boeing 747-8i in retro livery and I think that it looks downright stunning, just google D-ABYT.

To celebrate the “retro” and 60 years since the transatlantic service has launched, they have a “New York Ticket” contest whereby you can win two First Class tickets to New York.

I think that what they are doing is truly genuine and most airlines should celebrate their history as the aviation “phase” is very unique and it hasn’t been going on for that long, compared to other things in history. I really like Lufthansa’s retro phase and the way they are changing everything to indicate how Lufthansa was back in the day. I remember they also had a special “Senator Service” which was quite exclusive, compared to what Miles & More Senators have now.

Anyway, recently they released another retro video which I think is super cool. It shows the events surrounding “Lufthansa going transatlantic” and route to New York. Here’s the video and I think it is worth watching: