When it comes to credit card commercials, banks make some awesome ones. When it comes to advertisement, it is key to make great websites, banners, ads, etc. to promote your product and to ultimately get people to sign-up/buy it as much as possible. I don’t watch TV at all (does anyone these days?), and perhaps I’m missing out on some great commercials.. but worry not, most of them are available on YouTube.  I’ve always known American Express has made killer credit card commercials and they truly stand out, a bit dated, but like this one for example:

Or this one, more recently (although she is swiping the card wrong):

Anyway, I was browsing YouTube last night and found a really cool commercial for the Chase Sapphire Preferred that I haven’t seen before:

It’s really, really cool and it is my new favourite credit card commercial. I really like the “worldly” concept that is shown since the card is a great travel card. I also love how the main benefits are highlighted such as no foreign transaction fees, 2x points on travel and dining, etc. I also think they should’ve mentioned something about the large sign up bonus and how you could get a free flight from that, but then again they are limited to only 30 seconds.

Either way, great job on this commercial! I love it!