Wow Wow Wow! What an incredible week being featured here on BoardingArea!

Thank you all so, so much for reading, commenting, etc. It has been a record week for Travelling the World, with last Tuesday being the record day for visitors and views. It has been a pleasure to write for all of you and hopefully you were able to enjoy my trip reports, advice, thoughts, etc.

I will continue to write my blog over at Prior2Boarding, so be sure to continue reading as I have some fantastic posts and trips coming up to finish off the year. Here are some of the top posts I’ve written this week which you all enjoyed:

Lufthansa First Class A380 Frankfurt to San Francisco
Lufthansa First Class Lounge (Pier B) Frankfurt
Lufthansa First Class Porsche Transfer Frankfurt

Best Lufthansa First Class Lounge in Frankfurt
Flying Lufthansa First Class using Miles & More miles
Lufthansa First Class Lounges and Terminal Access Policy
Fly Lufthansa First Class using these Miles

My Credit Card Strategy
BoundlessMiles – My Award Help Service

As you can see it has mainly been about Lufthansa and that’s because I wanted to show you all how amazing the airline is and their wonderful First Class product that I have been able to experience on several aircraft.

I also provided some helpful tips on how to redeem miles for Lufthansa First Class and the best ways of doing so. Remember that you can always use my award help service if you would like assistance redeeming your miles.

Once again, thanks so much for an awesome week and hopefully many more in the future!