Alaska Airlines recently announced plans to open a new lounge (“Board Room”) at their main hub and base in Seattle. The new lounge will be on the lower-level of the North Satellite, where most of Alaska’s operations take place.

The current Alaska Airlines Board Room has many issues: it is often very crowded, it is too far from the N gates, and the design is a bit dated. The upsides of the Alaska lounge are the friendly staff and the significant food.

The new Alaska Airlines Board Room in the North Satellite is set to open mid-November of this year and should be significantly bigger, brighter, and have a new, updated, modern design. Here’s a video from Alaska Airlines about this new lounge:

Alaska Airlines describes the new lounge as:

…the new Alaska Airlines Board Room coming to the North Satellite at SeaTac between gates N1 and N2. This new lounge boasts clean and open space with a full bar, espresso, and more. Anticipated opening date in mid-November 2015.

Many of the same amenities will continue to be available in the new board room, such as the food, drinks, and yes, pancake machine.

Alaska Airlines Board Room access policy is very generous in that passengers travelling on a paid or award First Class ticket on Alaska Airlines (not an upgrade), have access to the Board Room. Priority Pass members also gain access and furthermore, you can also buy a day-pass.

With the addition of another lounge in Seattle, hopefully none of them will be very crowded anymore due to several new options including the AMEX Centurion Studio.