I’ve had my iPhone 6S for just over a week, and man am I impressed. It’s a huge upgrade over my iPhone 5 and so many new features make my life easy. Touch ID is probably my favourite feature ever, I mean I can now login to my bank apps quickly and conveniently with just my finger! Amazing! Especially considering that we have millions of credit cards from different banks and it is just super convenient to be able to login using your finger.

Another amazing feature that I love is Apple Pay. I mean I can literally pay around the world with just my phone, it is super fast and works great. I was a bit shocked as to how quick the whole process is, I literally touched my iPhone to the card reader and the receipt printed out two seconds later – amazing! I was stunned at how quick this iPhone is!

Another great improvement is the camera, which is a huge upgrade over my old iPhone. My blog photos will now be in much better quality and the size of them will be bigger, which we are working on implementing soon. The 4K video recording is also super fancy and videos and photos have never looked better from a phone.

I really also like the thinness and size of the phone, in my honest opinion, it is simply perfect for me. I can see everything I need to and it still fits nicely in my pocket without taking up too much space. The battery life so far has been great and on average lasts about two and a half days with regular use.

I’m going to travel the world with this phone and therefore simply bought the unlocked version and I use T-Mobile while I’m in America, and usually a Polish SIM card elsewhere. I love that the phone works in so many countries worldwide and I’m super excited to be using it.

All in all, I really think the iPhone is the best travel phone for us. There are plenty of apps for airlines, hotels, travel, miles, etc. The phone also works great and syncs seamlessly with all of my other devices, which is of top importance to make sure I have all of my data while travelling. Best purchase I’ve made so far to meet a minimum spend on a credit card?!

Do you have the new iPhone and do you enjoy it?