love technology, and especially new technology. I’m actually studying Information Technology at uni and will graduate with a degree in the field within a few years.

Travel and Technology work great together – we can literally google any place in the world and instantly see photos and descriptions of cities all around the world. On one hand, it kind of ruins the “adventure” factor of travelling somewhere new, mainly because you already know what to expect about a certain city or country. However on the other hand, technology (and particularly the internet) helps us discover new, beautiful places all around the globe – and helps us decide on where we want to travel to the most.

I extensively google a place that I want to visit before I actually go. I read a ton of articles and look at countless images and ultimately decide if the place is worth visiting now or later (my ultimate life goal is to visit every country in the world). Technology has become so great that we can now fit the internet in our pocket and access it from anywhere in the world.

Having said all of that, I got my new iPhone 6S last Friday and it is huge improvement over my previous iPhone 5. I also went with the higher storage model so that I could fit more apps, music, and pictures on my phone. Not only is the iPhone 6S bigger, but also faster and I can actually feel the difference between the two phones. Apps launch quicker and the internet loads faster. I use T-Mobile as my network since they have the best plan for me (and every traveller should seriously have T-Mobile), thanks to free, unlimited international data. The iPhone is unlocked and therefore I can swap the SIM card anytime and use a local carrier if I wanted to.

The camera is also a big improvement, I take all of my pictures with my iPhone and therefore it is important for me to have a quality camera to capture the places I visit and the airlines I review. I’m also working on improving the image size and quality on the blog, and with this new iPhone, it should all be possible.

Some of my favourite travel apps include: FlightTrack (the old version), TripIt, FlightRadar24, SeatGuru, ITA OnTheFly, LoungeBuddy, MileagePlus X, FlyerTalk, CheckMyTrip, Star Alliance Navigator, Uber, Geocaching, and airline and hotel apps. I use WhatsApp for communication with my family members that don’t have iPhones and FaceTime/Skype for video calls.

I also have a subscription to with the mobile web version which helps me look at flight inventory in real time on my phone.

All in all, I’m very excited to finally have a new phone after three years of waiting. Exciting technology!


iPhone 6S

iPhone 6S