Oy, Lufthansa.. I mean I love you.. but can’t you seriously just pay your pilots more?! It would honestly avoid all of this mess and you wouldn’t have to deal with rebooking!

Lufthansa announced that their pilots are striking on the 8th and 9th of September and on the 8th about half of all long-haul flights will be affected, and on the 9th, European flights.

So I was scheduled to fly from Frankfurt to the U.S. on the Lufthansa A380 in First Class tomorrow, 09 September… right.. except that it isn’t happening anymore because my flight from Poland to Frankfurt in the morning has been cancelled… so while the flight from Frankfurt to the U.S. isn’t cancelled… I don’t have a way of getting to Frankfurt tomorrow and therefore I had to rebook my whole itinerary for later in the week.

There is good news and bad news to every story and this one isn’t an exception. The good news is that Lufthansa has rebooked me from class ‘O’ (the upgrade/award booking class), to class ‘F’.. which is a Full Fare, Revenue class… and that means that I should get 3x the miles from the flight. My European segment was rebooked into ‘I’ and therefore I won’t get any miles from that flight… but if it all works out, I should be getting a nice, big amount of miles for the 12 hour First Class flight.

The bad news is that I need to get to Seattle somehow and I’m not flying to Seattle directly… which means that I need to spend ten hours at a U.S. airport before my onward flight to Seattle… amazing! Basically this is due to the following fact: While Lufthansa CAN rebook their own flights from award to revenue fares, Lufthansa can’t do that on a United flight.. if the ticket is a mileage ticket, there HAS to be space in either ‘I’ (Business) or ‘X’ (Economy) on the United flight. This is why I have a ten hour layover.. because the earlier flights don’t have space in ‘I’ and Lufthansa can’t rebook me into a normal, paid revenue fare since it isn’t a Lufthansa flight.

I called the exclusive Lufthansa First Class Service phone number in Germany and while they were very helpful and professional, the first lady I spoke with screwed up my ticket big time since she tried to rebook me into a revenue fare on the United flight and then told me everything was confirmed… except that it wasn’t since the system would reissue the ticket based on that… good thing I caught that mistake.. otherwise I would’ve showed up at the airport without a proper ticket. I mean, seriously?! I as a passenger have to advise them of these things… how does a regular, normal (non-mileage obsessed) person supposed to know these things? They don’t.. and would’ve showed up at the airport without a ticket. Seriously, Lufthansa!

Anyway… as I write this blog post I am waiting for my ticket to get reissued for the third time today as two agents already screwed it up and I had to speak with a manager to get everything fixed..

Lufthansa, I love you, but get your $h!t together and pay your pilots more!


Lufthansa B737

Lufthansa B737