Glamorous Dubai – Introduction
Lufthansa Business Class B737 Kraków to Frankfurt
Lufthansa First Class Lounge (Pier A) Frankfurt
Lufthansa First Class Terminal Frankfurt
Lufthansa Business Class A321 Frankfurt to Munich
Lufthansa First Class Lounge Munich
Lufthansa First Class A330 Munich to Dubai
Radisson Royal Hotel Dubai
Exploring Dubai
The Radisson Blu Residence Dubai Marina
Brunch at Burj Al Arab
Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai Deira Creek
British Airways Galleries Lounge Dubai
British Airways First Class B777 Dubai to London
British Airways The Concorde Room London
British Airways Club Europe A320 London to Kraków

I mentioned last week that I flew to Dubai for a weekend since I had two free nights at any Club Carlson hotel worldwide, this was thanks to the Club Carlson Personal and Business VISA Credit Cards, as a result of the recent Club Carlson changes, cardmembers were issued a free night certificate as a ‘thank you’ for, I guess, not cancelling the card.

I received an email earlier in the week with the promo codes and certificate codes and I thought I might as well use them and searched for hotels in several European cities including Rome, Paris, etc. I could have used the free nights at an exclusive hotel in Paris, however given that I wanted to travel in the next few days or so, the hotels in the major cities were already full and not accepting reservations for later in the week. So I had a look at the Club Carlson interactive hotels map and noticed some hotels in Dubai… I’ve always wanted to visit the United Arab Emirates and specifically Dubai since I don’t think there is a city as glamorous as Dubai is. There are several Club Carlson hotels in Dubai and they were all virtually available to book using the certificate.

I wanted to stay four days and three nights in Dubai (as that is plenty enough) and then began to look for flights. Since I wanted to fly in the next couple of days, I found a ton of availability with Star Alliance and oneworld. Since the hotels were available every day, I thought I might as well fly the next day and spend the weekend in Dubai… so I did that. Basically I had received the email from Club Carlson regarding the free night certificates early in the morning Wednesday, then I booked everything by that Wednesday night, and I flew on Thursday morning. By the time I confirmed all of the flights and hotels, it was 23:30 and I still needed to pack and leave in a couple of hours to the airport. Madness!

The nice thing was that since I was literally booking the day before departure, I had a range of flights to pick from! In the end, the itinerary looked like this:

19 August: Lufthansa 1367 Kraków – Frankfurt, departing at 14:40 arriving at 16:20, Business Class
19 August: Lufthansa 120 Frankfurt – Munich, departing at 20:15 arriving at 21:10, Business Class
19 August: Lufthansa 638 Munich – Dubai, departing at 22:15 arriving at 06:20 (+1 day), First Class
23 August: British Airways 108 Dubai – London, departing at 09:20 arriving at 14:05, First Class
23 August: British Airways 872 London – Kraków, departing at 17:05 arriving at 20:35, Business Class

I booked the outbound in Lufthansa First Class for a total of 60k United Airlines miles and ~$120 USD in taxes and fees ($75 USD was the ridiculous close-in booking fee). The return was booked for 40k American Airlines Miles + ~$250 USD in taxes and fees (and also a close-in booking fee).

I think that spending 60k United miles for Lufthansa First Class is an amazing value, since they now charge 110k miles for First Class on partner airlines between the U.S. to Europe, so 60k is an amazing value! The 40k AA miles for BA First Class is also a tremendous value, I mean 40k for First Class?! That’s awesome! The only thing that sucked were the fuel surcharges on BA and the ridiculous close-in ticketing fees. But all in all, I think this was an amazing redemption due to the low number of miles required for First Class.

As far as hotels go, I had two free night certificates and for the third night, I redeemed points.

20 August: Radisson Royal Hotel Dubai – Free Night Certificate
21 August: The Radisson Blu Residence Dubai Marina – Free Night Certificate
22 August: Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai Deira Creek – 70k Club Carlson points

I still have a ridiculous amount of Club Carlson points to burn and therefore I thought I might as well spend some of them in Dubai. All three hotels were excellent and the service was beyond my expectations.

All in all, I had an awesome time exploring Dubai and relaxing on the beach. I spent about 50% of the time exploring and 50% on the beach, the main reason why I wanted to visit Dubai was to explore it, but I thought I might as well relax on the beach since it was f#$%ing hot! 45 degrees C! In Dubai some of the places I explored were the Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Emirates Mall, Dubai Marina, and more.

Here comes another awesome trip report!