The past week (actually, two weeks) have been super crazy for me as I spent four days in London, two in Edinburgh, and three in Iceland… and I flew with… *gasp* oneworld airlines… and *bigger gasp* easyJet. I had an amazing trip to the UK and Iceland and loved every part of the 10-day journey.

Warsaw trip report

Will be finished soon, I promise. I just didn’t have time to blog at all during my UK/Iceland trip since we were exploring cities the whole day and got back really late to the hotel and I was exhausted. I promise the report of my weekend trip to Warsaw will be completed soon!

Iceland is the world’s most beautiful country

OMG I LOVE ICELAND. I never in a million years would have imagined how beautiful Iceland is. Full trip report coming soon!



Burning Club Carlson points

I basically burned all of my Club Carlson points by staying two nights at the Plaza on the River and two nights at the May Fair in London and then three nights at two Radisson Blu hotels in Iceland. I booked Business Class (premium) rooms in Iceland so that I was guaranteed to have breakfast. I was also upgraded to better rooms in London since I’m Club Carlson Gold.

Chase Sapphire Preferred is a life saver

We rented a car in Iceland and there was no free parking during the day outside of our hotel in the centre and therefore had to pay for parking (which wasn’t too bad since we paid a total of ~12 Euro). The parking machine would only take chip and pin cards and I had the following three cards with me: Lufthansa Miles & More MasterCard (my primary card), Chase Sapphire Preferred, and AMEX Platinum. I first tried my Lufthansa credit card and obviously it didn’t work, the machine wouldn’t take AMEX (not that I would pay with it anyway), so I tried my Sapphire Preferred. Then it asked me for a pin… so I entered in my cash advance pin and it worked… So apparently the card does work for Chip + Pin and not just Chip + Signature.

“I’ve never seen a card with a magnetic strip”

Since the Lufthansa Miles & More credit card is my primary card, I use it all the time. The thing that sucks is that it doesn’t have a chip and therefore I constantly have to teach merchants (outside of the U.S.) how to ‘swipe’. We were in London at a store and the lady said that she “had never seen a card with a strip” before.. she was obviously referring to the fact that you have to swipe the card. She claimed that they only accept chip cards and that my card was outdated and ‘strange’. I told her I can clearly see you have a ‘swipe’ thing on the credit card machine and she said she didn’t know how to use it… so I swiped my card and everything worked normally. She was totally lost and confused that it worked and had to call someone else to verify that it was legit. Odd.

I hate rental car companies

Rental car companies try to literally rip you off everywhere they can, which is why I absolutely hate them so much and try to avoid renting cars. Not only did I have to pay a premium location fee, but the agent totally charged me the wrong amount and then gave me a lower category car than what I booked and on top of that he told me I can only drive 300km. I had to argue with him and tell him twenty times that I’m right and he’s wrong. More details later.

I flew with British Airways…

… and it wasn’t too bad. The last time I flew with a non Star Alliance airline or partner airline was probably ten years ago. I had way too many Avios and therefore booked British Airways flights from Kraków to London and then to Edinburgh. Both flights were awesome and the crew was excellent. Although I didn’t hear “schedule” pronounced in British English at all! 🙁

…and with easyJet

… and it wasn’t bad either. I assigned seats for us in the front of the cabin which enabled us to bring one cabin bag + one personal item. And flying with easyJet actually didn’t feel like flying a low-cost airline at all.. everything seemed normal, except for the fact that you had to pay for everything extra.. I actually just paid for the airfare and seat assignments, which was nice.

I got accepted into the major that I wanted at uni

Yay! While in Iceland, I got news that I was accepted to the Information Technology major I wanted at uni, which makes me super excited since I worked super hard to get in… and thankfully I got in! One of the essay questions was actually to write about a single project which you were proud of and I wrote about my blog and apparently they liked it!

I’m going to be 20 on Sunday

Wow. I just can’t believe that I will be 20 on Sunday.. that just blows my mind. I feel really ‘old’ and it is just a strange feeling to know that I won’t be a ‘teenager’ anymore… not that I am your typical teenager that gets drunk and goes to clubs…. The only types of ‘clubs’ I go to are United Clubs…

Anyway, that’s about it for now, just wanted to give you guys a quick update on everything and I promise at least one blog post a day starting tomorrow. Love you all and thanks for reading!