Hello from Poland! As all of you know, I’m currently in my home country of Poland visiting family and just travelling around Europe for the next two months. I will be in Europe until early September, so around two or so more months.

If you didn’t know, I’m originally from Poland and I just study at uni in the U.S. and I return to my home country when I have longer breaks (summer and winter). While I love to stay with my family during the summer, I’m making the best use of my miles and hotel points to also visit some European cities. I love Europe so much because everything is so close and in one or two hours you can be in most places around Europe.

I’ve already been in Poland for two weeks and I’ve been exploring the southern part around my home town. I live about one hour south of Kraków near the Polish-Slovakian border and therefore we constantly make trips across the border since Slovakia has very beautiful places.

A couple of days ago, I went exploring around a lake close to my house and I was able to capture this stunning photo:



I just love Europe so much because of all the landscape and architecture, I mean you just don’t get this anywhere else. I’m so fortunate to be able to call Europe and Poland home, since I love being here so much.

The past few days have been super warm (around 35 degrees C), and therefore I haven’t been going out so much during the day mainly due to the heat. I’ve been exploring places during the early morning or late afternoon when it is colder outside.

Tomorrow I’m off to Warsaw, the capital of Poland, for the weekend. I’ve been there a few times before when I was a kid and don’t remember much and therefore I thought I would make an excellent use from a weekend and visit the Polish capital. I’m only going for the weekend but from what I can tell it should be enough to visit everything (as Warsaw was destroyed during the war).

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I’m so happy to finally be home, because there really isn’t a more beautiful place than Poland.