Hello from the San Francisco Centurion Lounge! I’m currently en route to Mexico City (my favourite city in the world), where I’m meeting some friends of mine for the weekend and just going to explore the city more. It will be my fifth time there and I just absolutely love the culture, people, everything about it.

Well, summer is finally here! I can’t believe that the second year of university is already over and I just have two more years to graduate. I’ve finished my last exam yesterday and this morning I submitted an application for my intended technology major and I’m really hoping to get in as I love information technology and specifically, web development.

As I’m sitting here after eating a nice dinner and waiting for my flight, I’ve just been thinking about how lucky I am. I mean I get to travel around the world and see so many new things and live amazing experiences worldwide. I just love it. I’m truly lucky to be able to do this.

Uni starts again late September… and until then.. I’m basically free. I just can’t believe I’ve almost got four months to explore the world and visit the people I love in various places around the world. As I took my last exam yesterday, I was kind of sad to leave since I actually had three classes that I’ve loved this past semester and I’ve really learned a lot and not to mention the professors were superb and I really enjoyed everything.

As such is life, I decided to travel right away and start my summer off by visiting Mexico City for a couple of days. I’m flying in United First Class there and stopping by San Francisco so that I can relax in the awesome Centurion Lounge here. I’ve been here for the past two hours and I’ve got two more until my flight and it just made me think and reflect at how awesome everything is for me right now… I mean how many people get to have a similar life to mine… I just love to travel and to explore, it will always remain my passion.

So.. here we go! Summer 2015 is here! Let’s do this.