As of yesterday, 27 June 2015, there are no more old Lufthansa First Class seats on any Lufthansa aircraft. All Lufthansa First Class flights are now operated by the new Lufthansa First Class – which is now not “new” since it is everywhere.

Per the FlyerTalk thread, it seems like the remaining aircraft are currently being retrofitted which means that there is no aircraft flying with the old First Class anymore.

The old First Class seats were put into service in 1998 and lasted all the way until 2015 on some aircraft. I have a bit of a nostalgic feeling since I started to get interested in this ‘hobby’ of miles and points after I flew with Lufthansa the first time several years back and these seats have a special meaning to me… so while the new seats are obviously much better, I kind of wish I would’ve flown the old seats one last time.

Anyway, no more the need to check the Lufthansa tool online to see if your aircraft will have the new First Class or not. All LH flights with the F cabin now are consistent, new, and the same.