I’ve long wanted to talk about museums and why I try to avoid them at all costs, I just simply strongly dislike them. There are of course a few main reasons why that is, but before I’d like to explain why not visiting museums doesn’t make you less of a world-traveller.

Most ‘regular’ people that I know who love travelling just absolutely love museums and have a strong passion for them. I mean.. ok, nice.. but don’t drag me into it. Basically all of my ‘non-miles’ friends and family members always ask me what interesting museums I visited in the place I recently came back from.. always. This is usually one of the first questions and I just hate it.

I define my travels, not you. My travels are defined by me and no one else – this is one of the primary reasons I love to travel by myself.. that way I can dictate what I do and change my mind at the last second without disappointing someone else. Sure travelling with someone is fun, but it must be with someone who shares the same travel-feelings that I do. Not visiting museums doesn’t make you any less of a world-traveller, it actually might even make you a better one since you are exploring the city – where people live on a daily basis, and not just the tourist stuff.

I hate museums. Why? Well, there are a couple of reasons.

Most of them are indoor and when it’s a beautiful day outside in a foreign city that I’ve never been to before, I like to explore the actual city and walk around and admire buildings and architecture and not spend my entire day locked up in a building with millions of other tourists trying to squeeze by to see some paintings or drawings which they won’t remember a week from now. Now of course there are some museums that are awesome (like the Museum of Flight here in Seattle) and that I don’t mind visiting… but only, and only if it contains something that I’m genuinely interested in. Otherwise, forget it.

I’ve been to a large number of museums in my life and most of the time I just walk around and think to myself ‘what the hell am I doing here?’ I mean I just cannot walk around for hours ‘admiring’ art of whatnot and slowly walking behind millions of other people in the quiet atmosphere. It’s one of the things I despise and if possible, I shall avoid all museums ever. I mean how can you walk around and look at “art” and “admire” it… I mean how long can you look at a painting? I get that there are people who love art and spend days looking at one object or paining… but I just can’t.

Perhaps another reason is that why the hell would I want to spend hours walking around inside of a building when I can be exploring the city outside and admiring people, buildings, architecture, parks, etc. I much more prefer walking around and exploring the city rather than walking slowly and squeezing by inside of a building which contains items that don’t interest me at all.

Some people just don’t get that I hate museums… “What do you mean you didn’t go to one?!?! Are you crazy” this is the question I frequently get from people and I mean, I get the fact that people seem to visit museums just to “check-it off the list” but… that is just something I don’t do. I don’t travel to “check something off”, I travel because I genuinely love being in new places around the world and exploring the cities… where I’ve always wanted to go to.. not to travel halfway around the world to stay inside of a building.

Last reason is that I’m not a very patient person and there is no way I could look at a painting more than 5 seconds, once I’ve seen it, I’ve seen it. Plus I hate spending too much time in one place and love to walk fast… something you cannot do in a museum. I remember that I once spent a whole day exploring a museum in Mexico and it was just so boring, I mean I understand the fact that the culture of the country is displayed there but I went there to visit the city and the ‘modern’ life and if I want to read about the history, I will do so online.

From surveying a few people, I found out that people either love museums or hate them. Guess which one I am? I just can’t bring myself to walk slowly around for hours while admiring “art”. Thoughts?