I got into Geocaching a couple of years ago and despite the fact that I’m older, it’s still more or less ‘fun’. What exactly is geocaching? Well here is the simplest explanation: it’s a GPS-based way to find containers (“caches”) around the world.

Link: geocaching.com

Basically people hide containers around the world and then others that play ‘the game’ find the containers based on GPS location, basically the coordinates of the cache are given and then you just have to navigate to it. Once you are close to the location of the cache, the description of the cache will usually tell you where it’s hidden/located. Sometimes there are clues about where it’s located and you have to go to multiple places to get additional clues and eventually end up finding the container.

So how popular is this? Apparently very! There are about 30 or so caches close to my house (like within walking distance), so chances are that there are plenty of caches nearby you too. And it is global – I was actually surprised to find some caches in my small hometown in Poland.

To get started all you have to do is download the Geocaching app for your phone and let it find the closest cache to you. You can then navigate to the cache and find it, sign your name, and exchange something from the container. Sometimes the containers are so small you will need to bring a pen, other times they are bigger with tradable items inside.

Overall, it’s a good way to pass time outdoors and I think it’s cool since it uses technology integrated with the outside world. I kind of treat me finding caches as a souvenir and try to do it wherever I am. While most of the caches are outside, there are a few that are inside too.. and yes that includes airports! I wonder how someone will explain that to an officer if caught, “I’m just looking for a package that my phone told me to…”.

Have you tried geocaching, what do you think of it?