I will be in Europe visiting family for about two months this summer (and of course I’m flying there in style), and one of the ideas I had was to visit as many European cities as I could – most of these will be weekend trips but I do have a longer trip planned that will be about ~9 days.

I’m firstly flying to London and spending four days there, then flying up to Edinburgh for two days, and from Edinburgh.. on easyJet (oh my).. to Iceland for three days.

I was originally going to visit just the UK.. but I figured that while I’m there, I might as well hop over to Iceland since it is relatively close. The whole trip except the easyJet flight was funded by Avios and may I just say that I’m glad that they introduced the peak/off peak levels since I was able to save close to half of the Avios required. I’m flying back from Reykjavik to Poland on airBerlin and the fact that I recently status matched to them will make my travel experience on both BA and AB much more pleasant.

As far as hotels go, I’m staying with Club Carlson properties in London and in Iceland, and an IHG hotel in Edinburgh. I was able to get credit cards for both hotel chains and fund all the hotel stays from sign up bonuses from the past few years. I figured I would burn my Club Carlson points since they are basically killing the programme this year.

I’m super excited to be visiting more European cities since I plan on living somewhere in Europe after I finish uni in America, I’m sort of ‘looking’ for good places to live. Other European cities I was thinking about visiting during the summer for a few days would be Paris, Barcelona, and Rome.

In Poland, I’d like to visit Warsaw and Gdańsk since I haven’t been to those cities for a few years and I very much enjoy them. I will have a post in the near future about which places I will be exploring in the UK and in Iceland. Stay tuned!