I read a lot of aviation news online, of course most of it comes from BoardingArea and FlyerTalk, and I’ve long wanted to make a post about people calling United an ‘unfriendly’ airline. Watch, I’m totally going to get so much hate for defending United, but the thing is that I really don’t care since I LOVE United.

Flyer Friendly means much more than just MileagePlus

Usually us frequent flyers criticise an airline based on how its frequent flyer programme operates and the changes that an airline makes. But the thing is that United is MUCH more than just MileagePlus. So many people criticise United for being such an ‘unfriendly’ airline… just because of the changes made to MileagePlus. This is honestly not the way to go, sure an airline’s frequent flyer programme represents a large portion of the airline overall but it’s NOT everything the airline offers.

Flyer Friendly is much more than just MileagePlus. I just don’t get why so many people criticise United, it’s a GREAT airline, hell, just because it has a revenue-based frequent flyer programme does not mean you should hate it. News flash – an airline is a business, and clearly they are changing their frequent flyer programme because they are in need of more revenue. Oh you want to fly in First Class? Pay for it. Complimentary upgrades are a thing of the past, sure they are still being offered but the fact that it’s less and less just means that they would like to make money instead of giving those seats away – they are a business after all! Do you see non-U.S. airlines giving complimentary upgrades at all? No. United seems to get much more hate than Delta – which I really don’t get.

So, United is an unfriendly airline, huh? Why is that? Is it because they are a founder of the world’s largest (and leading) airline alliance? Is it because they constantly renovate and upgrade their United Clubs? Is it because they have the best food of any other U.S. airline? Is it because they have an advanced route network? What about the fact that they have the newest fleet out of the other U.S. airlines? Do you see United flying an MD-80? Give me one reason that United is unfriendly besides MileagePlus, can you? Oh, wait. Delays, yes, delays. And of course not to mention that United has been ranked as the worst domestic U.S. airline? By who? By the consumers, who are apparently angry for no reason at all.

I stand 100% behind United and the main reason is that I LOVE their staff, service, the fact they have the most lie-flat seats of any U.S. airline, they have the best onboard food (I mean just look at American and Delta), their new lounge design and concept is much more modern than your Admiral’s Club or Sky Club. Plus, with the Star Alliance there just isn’t a better way to travel the globe.

The point I am trying to make is that an airline is more than just a frequent flyer programme – they try to appeal to both, the frequent flyers and the non-frequent flyers. Sure, a frequent flyer programme is a big part, but it isn’t the ONLY aspect of the airline. So don’t say the stupidest things ever about how United sucks or how it doesn’t innovate, etc. Do you see American innovating so much? Oh, wait, they aren’t revenue-based? It will come, sooner or later.

I’m also not trying to hate on American and Delta, but just looking at their lounges, fleet, food, service… it leaves a lot to be desired, at least in my opinion. United has great onboard food, a new and modern fleet, they are constantly upgrading their United Clubs with the newer design, remodelling terminals, basically they do a lot… and they don’t get much credit for it. I think that most frequent flyers and especially other bloggers seem to love American and Alaska the most… why? Because they haven’t gone revenue based… yet. But would I feel safe flying on one of those MD-80s? Hell no, I would never step onboard that plane. Alaska on the other hand is a great little airline for the west coast people that just want to get somewhere comfortably and quickly, but Alaska isn’t an airline for the ultimate ‘global traveller’, at least not until they join an alliance.

Oh, man, I’m going to get so much hate for this, I can already feel it. Perhaps disabling comments on this post would be a good idea.

Bottom line: United is awesome, I LOVE them, and I don’t think I’ve ever had a problem with their staff, service, etc. Whenever I want to get somewhere in North America, I always fly with United since they have a very advanced route network and great flight frequencies. Sure, I’ve gotten occasional cancellations or delays… but that happens to all airlines and it isn’t full proof 100%, things go wrong and you just can’t hate on an airline so much just because it has a revenue based frequent flyer programme and because of the other occasional delays or cancellations.

Hate me if you want, I LOVE UNITED and the Star Alliance. As far as I’m concerned, I will always fly with the Star Alliance and United.