A couple of days ago, I wrote about my first impressions of the Apple Watch, and I admit it, I really like the device… but the thing is that it’s not necessary. I mean… it has basically everything that the iPhone has and I just can’t be bothered to keep an ‘iPhone accessory’ that costs $350 USD, just so I can have quicker access to my content from my wrist.. I just can’t.

Let me explain… perhaps the feature that I was the most excited about on the Apple Watch was Passbook and Apple Pay. The fact that I can have boarding passes in my watch is amazing.. but is it really necessary? I mean I always have my phone with me so I have the boarding pass anyway.. I mean without your iPhone the Apple Watch practically becomes useless.. you can’t do much since it relies on the connection with the iPhone.

The second feature that I was excited about was ‘paying with a watch’, but I quickly realised that as cool as it is, I don’t think I want to spend that amount of money on something I already have in my iPhone. I carry my iPhone everywhere and I can’t really substitute the Apple Watch for the iPhone since the watch can’t work without the phone but the phone can work without the watch.

After playing around with it for about three days, I just decided the best option is to return it. I can always buy one in the future if I really want it again, but for the time being I just can’t justify $350 USD for a ‘mini control’ to my iPhone, I just can’t. Do you know how many miles I can get for that amount of money?!?!

Yes, the Apple Watch is an awesome accessory to the iPhone and all geeks should have it… but I mean how much time am I really saving by using my watch to pay instead of my phone? Or boarding with the watch instead of my phone? Maybe 5, 10 seconds? not more than that. Yes, it is very cool to pay or board with a watch.. but the coolness factor will go away once you do it a couple of times.

Overall, I’m happy with my decision since in general I hate watches, and for the most part hate having anything around my wrist. The Apple Watch is a really cool device, but you need your iPhone with you to use most of the features in the watch… which kind of sucks. I don’t know, those are just my thoughts. What would you have done? Is it worth to keep it just for the cool-factor?