Oh, Club Carlson…. Yeah, I’m looking at you. Why? Over the past month or so, Club Carlson has gone from being my favourite and most rewarding hotel loyalty programme to the one I think I despise the most right now. At least they provided advance notice…

Club Carlson Visa

The best benefit of the Club Carlson programme was that if you had their co-branded Credit Card from US Bank, you got your last night free with every points redemption. This was so useful to me since I usually stay two nights at a time in a hotel and therefore it meant that I would be saving points for the cost of the second night. I will NOT be keeping my Club Carlson credit card much longer since the value of the programme as a whole has decreased dramatically.

I really do like/liked Club Carlson since they have a ton of hotels in Europe and that makes it for easy weekend trips to European cities.. and especially with the last night free benefit. Sure, the card is still worth keeping but for the annual fee I don’t know if those 40k points will be valuable anymore, at least with my travel patterns.

Category Changes

More recently they announced that several hotels would be changing categories to higher ones and therefore they would become more expensive. I mean it’s not like Club Carlson has the world’s best hotels… So on top of the credit card benefit going away, hotels are now more expensive without a last night free.

All was nice while it lasted, but let’s be honest – the programme was very generous and now they are just aligning it to be inline with all of the other major hotel loyalty programmes – but I mean the hotels that Club Carlson has do not even compare to those of Starwood or Hyatt.

All in all, I’m not super loyal to one hotel programme or another since I rarely stay at hotels… but whenever I need to, I always turned to Club Carlson since I always stay at least two nights. So any suggestions on what should be my new primary hotel programme?