A couple of days ago I wrote about how I am visiting my favourite city in the world… Mexico City soon. And I also wrote about how I love redeye/overnight flights… I don’t know there is just something about redeye flights that I love… and especially if they are on a flatbed. Obviously if there is a flatbed, I will usually get an amazing amount of sleep and wake up refreshed at my destination. However if there isn’t a flatbed, and just a regular recliner seat – well I still manage to somehow look out into the darkness and see the lights below and somehow this makes me ‘feel nice’ and I still manage to sleep for a good amount of time.

I always try to get on overnight flights, if there is a choice. Another awesome thing is that sometimes they are relatively empty and I might have seats open next to me since people don’t like flying at night. There is just something about redeyes that I love – perhaps maybe the fact that it’s at night, and you’re on a plane, and the scenery at night is awesome. A few weeks ago, I wrote about how I enjoy airports and lounges at night and this adds to that – the lounge experience at night is so calm and after that I just love to get on an overnight flight and relax… anyone else feel like this also? I just love flying at night.. there is something captivating about it.