A Weekend in New York City – Introduction
NYC – Day One
NYC – Day Two

After spending two marvellous days in New York City, I basically fell in love with the city and culture overall. It’s just such an amazing city and people from all over the world live there and visit the city, the city brings so many nations and diverse cultures together – it’s amazing. You can truly feel that life is worth living in New York City, people really appreciate what they have and everyone stands out and tries to be different. It is the city of dreams and people from all walks of life move their to try and become successful.

Before, I’ve never been to New York and I didn’t think of it as such an amazing city – all I thought is that there are just millions of people and loud traffic everywhere… to some extent this is true but that’s what basically makes the city so awesome… people are just living life and that’s what life is about. Most people are also friendly, I had to ask for directions a couple of times and every time I asked someone, I was given a smile and a response… try to get that in Seattle. That’s the difference, I guess. People in Seattle are Seattle-frozen and it really is hard to make friends or establish a relationship in Seattle… because of the Seattle freeze.

Oh, New York what have you done to me? I just love everything about the city and if I have to live somewhere in the United States after finishing uni in a couple of years it will be either somewhere in California or in New York City…. but I’ve spent the past couple of years in the U.S. and I really want to finally live somewhere else again.. most likely in Europe.

I only spent two days in NYC but I’m already planning another trip to visit more sights that I didn’t get a chance to see and perhaps stay longer since I’ve met so many amazing people there. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised by New York City and I LOVED every aspect of my trip and the city. Everyone who visits America definitely needs to visit NYC!