When it comes to iPhone Travel Apps there are massive amounts of actual travel apps – but the thing is that few of them are actually any good and ‘worth it’. I thought I would share with you guys my favourite travel apps for the iPhone, most of these I use on a regular basis and are on my main home page.

1. Airline Apps – Lufthansa, United, etc.

Whenever I fly with any airline, I always make sure that I have the airline’s own app installed since it makes it much easier to check flight status, check-in, view reservations, etc. Also, usually the airline app will be updated first in case of any delays, this is due to the fact that the app is connected directly to the airline’s servers which are the first to know about a delay.

2. TripIt

Everyone who travels should have TripIt. I just have the basic version and not the paid one, because for me personally, the paid version doesn’t add much more features than the free one. Whenever I book a flight, all I do is simply forward the confirmation email from the airline to a TripIt email address and then all of the flights (or hotels, car rental, etc.) show up on the TripIt app and it lets me know my schedule, such as how long of a layover I have.

3. FlightTrack Pro (the old version)

The new version of FlightTrack (I believe, version 5) is crap. It’s nothing good compared to the old FlightTrack Pro, which is what I use constantly for checking flight status, alternate flights, airport maps, etc. The old version syncs with TripIt, so whenever I forward my confirmation to TripIt, it automatically shows up in the FlightTrack app and all of my flights are neatly listed and organised there for me to view. Also there are a ton of additions that are pulled from TripIt – seat information, confirmation numbers, airline phone numbers, seat maps, etc.

4. ExpertFlyer.com Pro – not an app, just mobile web version

I have an ExpertFlyer Pro subscription which helps me quickly view flight availability, alternate flights, how full a booking class is, upgrades, awards, live seat maps, and much, much more. Every frequent flyer should subscribe to expert flyer since it gives a ton of information about flights. You can also setup seat alerts or flight alerts, so if an award seat shows up, you’ll get an email. With the pro subscription comes a mobile web version which makes it easy to check all of this information on the go.

5. LoungeBuddy

LoungeBuddy has the most accurate list of airport lounges at most airports worldwide, it even allows you to create a trip and save your elite statuses. This way you can simply tap on an airport and the app automatically tells you which lounges are accessible to you. In my case, I can never get the app to show me the lounges that I have available for free, I don’t know if it is some sort of bug but sometimes I know I have access to a lounge and the app tells me I don’t. I’d say it works 50% of the time, and since I already know which lounges I can access, I just use the app to view lounges at a given airport.

6. FlightRadar24

Perhaps the coolest app out there. Uses your location and shows you on a map the planes that are right above you, with detailed information that includes airline, plane type, registration, from/to, altitude, speed, etc. What’s even cooler is that you can use your camera and point to a plane above you and it will automatically use your GPS and tell you the exact flight of that aircraft. This is hands down the best way to view flights in the sky. I always ‘predict’ whenever I can somewhat see an aircraft/airline and then I use the app to check how accurate I am.

7. Hotel Apps – Hyatt, IHG, Club Carlson, etc.

I use hotel apps to quickly make new reservations and view existing ones. Occasionally I need to provide a confirmation number at check-in and I can quickly locate it through the app of the hotel instead of looking through millions of emails.


That’s about it – I only have apps installed that I use regularly otherwise I will uninstall the app since it just takes up space, which I need for photos of airplanes 😀 Do you have any suggestions for travel apps? What apps do you use?