This is a follow up to yesterday’s post, Miles aren’t for everyone. I mentioned yesterday about how my parents decided to redeem their miles for Economy class travel and how I think that it isn’t a good value since they could’ve paid ~400 USD more and travelled in First Class. Well, I got a few comments on the post and thought about the whole situation again and I feel like I didn’t explain well what my thoughts and ideas were.

Miles are boundless.

Yes, I don’t completely agree with my parents’ decision to fly Economy vs First Class for just ~400 USD more (the fuel surcharges, taxes/fees, cost to change ticket). I think that I made it seem like I’m saying that people who want to fly Economy shouldn’t use miles and that it sounded like I made the assertion that miles should be only used for First/Business class. This isn’t true and it isn’t what I had in mind. The whole idea behind miles is to fly cheaply or free. The class of service doesn’t matter… to some extent. Generally I personally would only redeem miles for First/Business class only because I know I would never pay for a ticket in such a cabin due to the cost… whereas I’ve purchased Economy tickets in the past… So, what I am trying to say is that I would use my miles for cabins that I can’t afford nor wouldn’t spend so much money on.

In the case of my parents, yes, I understand, they wanted to save money and save miles for the future instead of blowing them all on one trip just to fly First class. But on the other hand how could they blow such an opportunity and fly Economy when they had enough to fly 100 times better.

The thing about miles is that they are truly boundless, you can use them for so many things and not just flights. When redeeming for flights, everyone has their ideal redemption and the ways they aspire to use their miles.

To summarise, miles help for free or low-cost travel. The best value of your miles is when they are used for what makes you happy. Miles can be redeemed for whatever cabin you please as long as you are happy.