I literally have zero motivation to get out of bed this morning – thank god for laptops. I came back yesterday from a mileage run around America and I got home at around 18:30 and after eating and showering, I went to sleep right away as I was dead tired. Well, I just woke up after having slept for at least 12+ hours and I still feel so damn tired with absolutely zero motivation to do anything today (well, except to blog of course!).

I just don’t know what mileage runs do to my system and this mileage run was relatively short compared to other ones – maybe it’s because it started with a redeye flight and then I didn’t sleep well at all on the planes? I really don’t know what it is… but right now I just want to stay in bed and do nothing. The weather outside is your typical Seattle weather – clouds and a few drops of rain and I just can’t do anything today – I’m still so tired.

I mean I like mileage runs and all but damn after 24+ hours of flying in recliner domestic First Class, I’m just so sleepy and the worst part is that I have the sleepy feeling after sleeping for so long… I mean I would go to the gym or go for a run or something but I doubt that is going to help – I will end up being more exhausted.

Mileage runs are nice and all but… ugh why can’t I ever find a mileage run that has United’s BusinessFirst flatbeds… they do fly flatbeds on some of their domestic routes from time to time. Anyway, the bottom line is that after spending so much time in recliner seats.. I think I’m finally getting sick of them. Makes me feel like this will be one of the last mileage runs for a long time (of course tomorrow I will probably end up booking another one).

I’m going to try to get up now, get some hot tea, eat breakfast, and continue working on my New York City trip report. And it isn’t jet lag that is causing this either… or maybe it is? I don’t think I’ve ever had jet lag in my life.