Today is officially the last day to book award nights with Club Carlson.. that is if you would like to take advantage of the last night free benefit from the VISA credit card or if you would like to book under the old award chart as some hotels will be significantly more expensive.

So you could technically say that the Club Carlson programme is dying tonight, Sure, you will be able to still take advantage of Club Carlson’s massive amounts of properties in Europe or other places, but it will be much more expensive in terms of points. The fact that some properties will be changing categories means that not only will you need twice (or more) the points before, but you will also need an additional number of points due to the category shifts.

I’m very sad to see Club Carlson go downhill like this since it was one of my favourite hotel programmes mainly due to the awesome last night benefit and the fact that there always seems to be a Club Carlson hotel in the most interesting and unique places around the world – and its saved me hundreds of dollars from buying nights at local hotels.

I think that this change might impact my travel patterns in the future as I would most likely be looking firstly at other major hotel chains before Club Carlson since they are now more or less similar… after all, none of them offered the last free night benefit.

So yeah, goodbye Club Carlson, I’ve loved you…

For those wondering, I’m still debating if I should keep my Club Carlson VISA after I complete my stays this year using points, sure the anniversary renewal bonus will be awesome… but I don’t know if I would be using it in the future. Thoughts?