Over the past two years or so, T-Mobile in the United States has been significantly changing how the wireless carrier operates. For one, there are no contracts anymore – you can leave when you want and don’t have to pay any termination fees. Yet another awesome thing is that they will pay your early termination fees when you switch to them from another carrier and trade in your old phone and buy a new one.

Last year I made the decision to switch to them and I’m loving every single day now – no more overcharges for going over my data, unlimited texting, and calling in the U.S. Not only are those three things unlimited in the United States, data and texting is also FREE and UNLIMITED outside of the USA, and calls are significantly cheaper than other carriers. This has changed my life so much since I switched since I no longer need to worry about being ‘safe’ and not going over any limits… even outside of the U.S… I love it!

The fact that international data is free is what blows me away… other carriers charge over $20 USD per 100MB.. which is nothing. The speed is also reasonably good when using data in other countries.. you can also purchase ‘faster’ international data.. but I don’t think I’ve ever done that since most of the time the speed was significantly faster than what I’ve paid for in the past with other carriers.

If you are a frequent traveller, T-Mobile for U.S. residents is a must, I love how they are trying to be different and are succeeding – lots and lots of people have switched over and love it. The customer service is also very helpful and professional, plus most issues can be quickly resolved using their website.

Plans start at $50 USD for unlimited calling and texting with 1GB of fast LTE data, when you go over your speed is simply slowed but you aren’t charged anything. I’ve gone over the limit basically every month and to be honest the ‘slower’ speed is not really that slow.. maybe takes three to five seconds longer to load a website.. which isn’t that bad.

The bottom line is that T-Mobile will save you a ton of money if you frequently travel around the world. Also another cool feature is that they unlock your phone after about three months and you can then use a local SIM card from the country you’re in… which really won’t be necessary unless you want to do a ton of calling (the only thing that T-Mobile charges for, internationally).