Last week I wrote a long post explaining why I believe that United Airlines isn’t flyer ‘unFriendly’, as the haters put it. Well, this post quickly became the most viewed post in the history of my blog, and not only that, I seemed to have sparked quite the debate, as it also became the most commented-on post on my blog, oh and the blog’s overall statistics since the post? Well, let’s leave the picture to explain that:

Blog Stats

Blog Stats

Firstly, I would just like to make it clear that I did not write the post to gain attention to my blog, in fact I didn’t think of the post as much until it quickly started to gain more and more views and comments. Also, lots of readers seemed to think “there is no way a regular flyer can be 100% satisfied.. United must be paying him!” No. I am not affiliated with United Airlines at all (although I would love to be), and they did not pay me to write nice things about them, nor does anyone I know personally work for United. I simply wrote the post since I was tired of haters slamming United for pointless reasons (most of which were untrue). Also, yes, I am not 100% satisfied with United (I’ve had my fair share of issues), but I perhaps am 95% satisfied.

Secondly, not one human being or company, or anything in the world is 100% perfect. Nothing. People make mistakes, companies make mistakes, etc. it’s important to focus on what is learned from those mistakes. Sure, maybe the merger with Continental didn’t go so great and there might have been several issues along the way – merging two large airlines isn’t an easy task. From what I can remember, all mergers in the history of airlines always had some sort of issue, big or small.

Thirdly, I did not make anything up in the post, and I’ve genuinely been satisfied by United Airlines 95% of the time. This information is based on the ~100 segments I fly with United each year, which means that I have a good idea of how the company runs in terms of the passenger service, both onboard and on the ground. The information I’ve provided isn’t based on a couple of flights each year, what an average consumer flies – and complains about every little detail.

Fourthly, I don’t take back anything I said. I genuinely love United and have never experienced a major problem which might have impacted my travel preference for the future. Sending me death threats and hate comments won’t resolve much.. other than you getting banned from my blog.

Fifthly, people seemed to think that I was saying that I think United is the best airline in the world. That isn’t true. I was simply comparing United to the two other domestic legacy carriers – AA and Delta. There is no way (ever) that a U.S. airline would be the best in the world, that just doesn’t happen.

Finally, why the hell are people such opinionated on controversial topics only? Is it because there are strong arguments on both sides and it’s easy to articulate their point?

On one final note – I (as a paying customer) have been genuinely satisfied 95% of the time with United Airlines, both in First Class and Economy. Never had I faced a rude agent who was unwilling to help or a rude flight attendant. Never. Most of them are happy and genuinely love serving their customers and love to see smiling faces onboard. Now of course if you are going to be rude to them, then don’t expect them to be nice back to you.

I still stand behind 100% of what I said about United’s great fleet, onboard food, lounge improvements, etc. This will never change for the worst… I mean just look at all of my trip reports on United.. every single flight that I’ve been on the food was 100% edible and tasted delicious. Airplanes are usually very clean and the seats are well maintained, out of the ~65 segments that I’ve flown with United so far this year, only three of them were delayed by up to one hour and none were cancelled.

Bottom line: No one company is perfect and everyone has their ups and downs, good and bad days, but I try to look at the bright side of every situation and usually side with the United staff who are more than willing to accommodate and help everyone – and not the rude passengers who feel entitled to everything.

Also, a massive thank you to those of you who thanked me for writing the post and putting some ‘light’ out there for United. #FlyerFriendly

I would be more than happy to discuss this topic further with any of you. As for now, I will leave it at that as I think I’ve expressed everything that I wanted to. The point is that United gets me from A to B quickly and efficiently while providing awesome service along the way.