Best. United. Flight. Ever. A couple of days ago I flew from LaGuardia to Houston in United First Class and I think it was by far my best United flight ever – in terms of service. The flight was operated by an A320 so First Class was nothing special.. but the purser and FAs.. oh my..

Boarding was done on time and the first interaction I had was when I stepped onto the A320 and was waiting by the boarding door and the purser was standing there and I asked if there was lunch on today’s flight. He responded with “Yeah… there is something.. and I’m sure it’s 100% gourmet and edible!”, the way he said it just made everyone laugh a ton. Then when boarding was complete, I went to the lavatory and when I exited there was another queue of last minute passengers so I had to wait again and he was there and he kind of just looked at me and nodded at me and said: “What’s up with you? First Class, huh?” And I just started to laugh and said it’s all thanks to elite status and miles!

Then as he was reading the safety manual, he mistakenly said A319 instead of A320 and no one else seemed to notice and so as the FA was performing the demonstration and when she walked by my seat I told her “this is an A320 and he’s saying A319” and she kind of looked at me and said “Oh you’re right” and then just began to laugh. I know it’s kind of hard to describe it in words but the whole interaction was super funny and everyone in First Class was laughing.

Then she told him that the ‘guy in 3A’ (me) told her that he was saying the wrong aircraft name and the purser corrected himself on the PA system and later thanked me. As we were about to take-off, the FA told everyone to put their seats upright and the lady who was sitting in front of me in 2A had a hard time making her seat upright and the FA was trying to reach over and help her but couldn’t, so as the lady in 2A pushed the button, I just pushed her seat upright and the FA began to laugh again since the lady had no clue about this.

Then the FA thanked me for all of my efforts and told me “Sweetie… we’ll hire you in a minute!” and again everyone laughed.

Then…. the key moment came where I think the whole cabin was laughing for at least a couple of minutes: The purser began to take lunch orders and started with all of the Global Services and 1Ks and a GS happen to be sitting next to me and the purser just walked up and said: “Mr. XXXX do you have your Global Services ring so I can kiss it?” At this point everyone began to laugh and it was just the funniest thing I’ve witnessed in a long time on a plane, oh my. He said this to every GS member and then to every other Star Gold he asked if we had our gold rings that he could kiss.

The entire flight he and the FA made funny comments about everything and non-stop people were laughing, I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much on a plane before. Both of them seemed to genuinely love their jobs and loved to interact with passengers. This is why I fly the friendly skies with United. Best. Crew. Ever!