A couple of months ago I launched my own Award Help Service, BoundlessMiles. In just a few weeks, I’ve helped dozens of people redeem and maximise their miles, fly First Class on the world’s top airlines, and make sure they have an unforgettable journey to their aspirational places in the world.

The BoundlessMiles Award Help Service normally costs $50 USD/per person, however this week I decided to try to help out more people and that’s why if you mention this post when filling out your help request, it will cost just $25 USD per person – that’s a 50% discount! I respond to your initial request within ~48 hours and a couple of days after, availability permitting, we have a world-class itinerary put together.

Most award booking services charge anywhere from $75-200 USD per person, and I believe that is way too high since most of the knowledge about how miles and frequent flyer programmes work is online – BoundlessMiles’ service fee covers researching, speaking to the airlines, etc.

Remember, BoundlessMiles has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you are for whatever reason not satisfied, be sure to let me know so that I can personally make things right. What are you waiting for, maximise your miles now!

Happy flying!