I woke up to an interesting email (from a reader? a hater?) this morning:

“umm.. you’re blog name is wrong.. there is just one l in traveling…”

Right… umm.. first of all you are the one who is wrong in a couple of ways here. Firstly, it is “your” and not “you’re”, I assume this person didn’t mean to write “you are blog name is wrong”. Secondly, no, it is not wrong, Travelling and Traveling both are valid. Let me explain.

As most of my readers may have noticed, I frequently spell words in the European english way. For example “favourite, programme, travelling, colour, etc.” This is because as most of you know, I was born in Poland and I started my education there and in Europe the version of english that is used is the ‘non-American’ english. I would say British English, but it applies to more countries than just the United Kingdom. So, yes, at a young age I began to learn non-American English which is why I still frequently spell things that way. Yes, I’m currently attending uni in America but this doesn’t change anything. Both spellings are valid and I continue to write in the non-American form because it is what I’m used to and personally for me, “color” instead of “colour” and “traveling” instead of “travelling” just look plain weird.

Given how the United States loves to have everything completely different from the rest of the world, of course the language would have their ‘own’ spelling. To sum it up, both spellings are accepted worldwide and this doesn’t really change anything – it just depends on where in the world you are. Some people would say that since I study in the U.S. that I should write in American English.. but I just don’t like to and it doesn’t affect anything (even my professors don’t question anything).

Anyway, to the person that sent me this email.. I think that you’re wrong. 😉