F#$K! Yesterday I posted about how I booked a two-night stay at the Park Hyatt in New York in a couple of weeks. Well, there wasn’t a problem booking the hotel stay using the free nights and everything ended up being correctly confirmed at the end. But… today I was casually browsing pictures of the hotel online and I happen to come across this wonderful message:

The minimum check-in age at the Park Hyatt New York is 21.

F$%king Amazing! Yet another wonderful age restriction! Why? Alcohol. Yes, America strikes again! I’ve written about in the past how I hate age restrictions and that’s the reason why I rarely stay at hotels or rent cars in the U.S., since most of the time I can’t because I’m 19.

I’ve been to dozens of countries worldwide and I never experience age discrimination except, well, you guessed it… the United States! Wonderful. The thing is that if I can afford to stay at a luxurious five star hotel… then why put an age restriction on that? Granted I didn’t pay $2k for the stay, but still..

So I decided to tweet Hyatt and they were super helpful and got in touch with the hotel’s manager directly and later ended up calling me and telling me not to worry since my reservation has already been noted and they will just remove the alcohol from my room’s minibar. Yay!

Hyatt Tweets

Hyatt Tweets

Thankfully Hyatt Concierge on Twitter is super helpful and so are the staff at the Gold Passport call centre, they were able to confirm that everything was noted and confirmed. Now let’s just see if everything plays out correctly when I get there… If not, I guess I will have to sleep at the AMEX Centurion Lounge at LGA 😉