Seattle Airport’s two independent lounges – Club Cascade (formerly the Delta Crown Room) in Concourse A, and Club International in the South Satellite have been rebranded and named ‘The Club at SEA’.

Across the U.S., there are several lounges operating under the name ‘The Club at ___’. The majority of these lounges are mainly operated by the airport and all of ‘The Club at ___’ are members of Lounge Club, basically a lower version of Priority Pass. The Lounge Club programme is different in that you cannot buy Lounge Club membership and instead you can obtain it with select credit cards.

To be honest, the Lounge Club programme is totally useless to many of us since all of the lounges that participate in Lounge Club already participate in Priority Pass, which can be obtained by buying and by having a select credit card. Furthermore, most Lounge Club members have just two free visits per year and the rest will cost them $27 USD. In comparison, some U.S. credit cards offer the Priority Pass Select programme which entitles you to unlimited free visits.

The Club at SEA in Concourse A is formerly known as Club Cascade and even earlier it was the Delta Crown Room. When the lounge was Club Cascade, the only way to access it was by buying a one-time pass for $50 USD, there was no Priority Pass involvement. The Club at SEA in the South Satellite is formerly known as Club International – also an independent lounge, however you could gain access to it by flying out of Seattle in one of the international airlines’ premium cabins or being an elite and flying on that airline (for example, Lufthansa). As of today, since Seattle Airport decided to rebrand and join Lounge Club, both of these lounges are now accessible via both Lounge Club and Priority Pass.

Previously, the only lounges accessible via Priority Pass in Seattle were the Alaska Airlines Board Room and the United Club. Members who receive a Priority Pass Select membership do NOT have access to United Clubs and therefore if you are now flying United from Concourse A and hold the Priority Pass Select membership and no United Club membership, you can now access ‘The Club at SEA’ by gate A11.

Overall, these changes are obviously positive, I mainly fly United from Seattle so it will be nice to have another lounge just a couple of gates down (the United Club is by gate A9). My guess is that Seattle Airport wasn’t making money from these lounges since they weren’t part of any major lounge network and that is what probably caused them to rethink and rebrand.

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