Lufthansa has the best airline-theme music out of all other airlines and in my opinion, no other airlines come close to having their own song (which could potentially be a hit), or sonic logos, or brand soundscapes, etc. that are as cool as Lufthansa’s.

Since I play the Lufthansa Brand Movie at least twice daily, I made it a mission to find the song in higher quality and I knew it has to exist somewhere on the internet. After spending around 2+ hours on Google searching for Lufthansa’s music, I was able to finally find the company that designed Lufthansa’s music as well as other media items, they are called MetaDesign. I browsed the client list on their website and found the media they created for Lufthansa. In addition to the ‘Symphony of Angels’ song, there are three other music pieces created specifically for the airline, you can hear some of them when you’re either on the airplane, calling them, or watching their commercials. These music pieces are called ‘Emotional recognition’.

There are four Lufthansa music components:

  • Brand Music – hold music when calling Lufthansa, except it is much more crisp and doesn’t feature the ‘voice overs’ (like ‘Lufthansa’s First Class has eight luxurious seats on the upper deck of the A380 aircraft’ and ‘Fly on our new Boeing 747 – the queen of the skies’)
  • Sonic Logo – Lufthansa’s ‘sound logo’ which you often hear on the IFE and at the end of Lufthansa commercials
  • Brand Soundscape – you hear this music when you have your headphones on but aren’t watching anything (you just have the IFE main menu on your screen)
  • Brand Song – the best of all, Lufthansa’s signature song, ‘Symphony of Angels’, which is featured in their amazing brand movie:

You can listen to all four on the MetaDesign website.