Lufthansa will soon discontinue First Class service to Seattle, on flight numbers LH491/490. It seems like Lufthansa is fighting a constant struggle where to fly planes with First Class, originally this service to Seattle was supposed to be discontinued last summer, however Lufthansa decided to push that discontinuation by a year.

Currently the Frankfurt-Seattle-Frankfurt flights are operated by a Boeing 747-400, which features Lufthansa’s best First Class – a seat and a bed. The Boeing 747 has been replaced by the Airbus A330 and A340 that used to fly to Seattle, right now until early July, a three-class Boeing 747 is operating the route. However, later in July the three-class 747 will be replaced with a two-class 747 with premium economy (so technically three-class).

Personally this is a huge loss to me since I love Lufthansa’s First Class and to me Lufthansa has hands down the best First Class service in the world. The combination of the hard and soft product are just consistent and perfect every single time, not to mention the ground service and the First Class Terminal in Frankfurt.

I was able to secure a Miles & More elite First Class award on Lufthansa a couple of months out and apparently I booked one of the last days that Lufthansa will be operating the Boeing 747 with First, Business, and Economy class. Presumably the new 747 will feature Lufthansa’s new Business Class.

My backup ‘way’ to now fly Lufthansa First Class will be through San Francisco on the A380. I don’t quite understand why Lufthansa would like to discontinue First Class service to Seattle since the cabin is usually 50% full on most flights, especially given all of the technology companies here that produce tons of $$$$.

Let’s hope they push back the delay another year ­čśë