What do you think most people my age (19) do on Friday nights? Party? Drink? Clubs? Well that’s probably accurate… but then there are people like me, who wake up on Friday morning and think ‘Can I fly somewhere tonight and earn miles?’ People think I’m crazy. And perhaps the only ‘clubs’ I’ve been to are United Clubs… To say that today was quite hectic for me is the understatement…

Basically I’m constantly looking for good mileage runs on United out of Seattle, because, well, a.) I love flying and b.) I need to re-qualify for Star Alliance Gold (as every year). My ‘normal’ routine daily is to check FlyerTalk, check some flight combinations on ITA Matrix, and then lastly check United.com for interesting flight combinations. Well, I’ve been doing this daily and today the day started off normally and I headed to work at 07:30 in the morning and after a couple of hours during a break, I decided to check if there was any interesting mileage runs. I didn’t have any intentions of flying this weekend since I am supposed to do some other things, but literally this morning I woke up and decided ‘I’ve got to fly somewhere’. Well surprise surprise nothing showed up as ‘mileage run material’ at all this morning so I thought ‘ok, whatever’.

I mentioned before that United has amazing deals from Seattle to Florida, but those deals are ‘hidden’ and you literally have to hunt for them as the fares change literally every two minutes. Well, so later at about 12:00, I decided to look again and I actually found an attractive offer for tonight and I tried to book it but the itinerary wouldn’t ticket. For some reason United’s website was displaying space but there wasn’t any in the booking class I needed. I was a little sad since I thought I would be flying tonight, but oh well. Then I decided to try one more time (for like the fourth time) and finally and thankfully it ticketed!! Woo! So basically I had the reservation booked at 13:00 and the flight is at 17:30. Well, how interesting. I know that’s still plenty of time but I still needed to leave work earlier, shower, go to the bank, and then get to the airport during rush-hour traffic.

Well, I’m ’20 minutes from boarding into a world of bliss’, and wow, what a day it was. Not only was there traffic, but I had a couple of other issues I needed to take care of.. but, I finally made it to the lounge and it looks like I won’t be spending my Friday night at home, eating ice cream, alone. Instead, I’ll be eating ice cream on the plane, meanwhile most people my age would be ‘partying’ 🙂