I like window seats and it seems like not many people do… why? Most of my travel friends and fellow bloggers almost always choose aisle seats and I thought I would explain the reason why I like window and not aisle.

Probably the main reason is that I love to look out the window and see what is below me. I always find flying to be fascinating and I’m just so damn lucky to have chosen such a beautiful hobby, we can literally travel the world for close to no money and that’s what is awesome. I’m usually glued to the window during sunrise or sunset, since the view is beyond gorgeous and while I’ve seen it dozens of times, it’s always different and I just can’t miss it. All in all, I think the main reason is because of the beautiful view.

The second reason is that I like to sleep, and for me personally, I feel much more comfortable to tilt my head to the window and fall asleep, whereas if I were sitting in an aisle seat I would either have my head near the aisle or the person next to me, and I don’t feel entirely comfortable with that. Perhaps another reason is also the fact that I always see at least two (if not more) people on each flight ‘bump’ into people in the aisle seats and this is just unnecessary, I like to have a nice view from my window seat at the entire cabin without being constantly bumped into.

Window seats are more spacious in my opinion (maybe not physically, but mentally). In an aisle seat, you have a person next to you and then you have an aisle where people walk, and to me it seems like there isn’t much privacy there (for example if I’m working on my laptop, I will usually tilt the screen towards the window so that I can have privacy).

I hate having to get up if I don’t need to. Since I always choose window seats, I try to get up when it is convenient for the person sitting next to me. I feel beyond horrible if I have to wake someone up while they are sleeping to go to the lavatory and usually if I see that they are about to go to sleep, I politely get up and take care of what I need to and then return, all before they get comfortable and fall asleep.

Those are my reasons why I like window seats, I’d love to hear why people prefer otherwise.