I’ve long been fascinated by Iceland, it’s one of those places that is not really talked much about when discussing tourism, however when you find out what your missing out on, it instantly becomes a top destination. When I was younger, every time I’d fly to Europe and back, I’d always wonder what that little island of Iceland was when we’d fly over it. I never really payed attention to it much since I didn’t think it was ever worth visiting – surely someone would’ve told me by now it is a ‘must see’ place… Well, when I got into this ‘mile hobby’ a couple of years back, I had some Alaska Airlines miles that I wanted to use, and at the time Icelandair and Alaska were partners and I thought… why not and visit Iceland… Well, I never really got around to it and eventually their partnership ended, which is really unfortunate since there really isn’t a good way to redeem miles to Iceland from the U.S..

As you know, I will be in Europe for over two months in the summer and I thought that instead of sitting around in my town in Poland, I’d make the best use of my miles and hotel points and see some exciting places in Europe for minimal cost to me. I mentioned I’d be going to the United Kingdom, and a couple of other places but I never really thought about Iceland.. until a couple of weeks ago when I saw a commercial on the internet. I was casually browsing some videos on YouTube and there was an ad on a video about visiting Iceland, now normally I would skip the ad (you could), but for some reason the beginning was really interesting and I decided to watch the whole thing and I was hooked. I completely forgot what I was doing and the next thing you know, I was looking at pictures, videos, documentaries, etc. of Iceland.

I decided I had to go. There wasn’t any question in my head if I was going or not… the question was how the hell am I going to get there, since it’s just so damn difficult to get to Iceland using miles.

So for the past couple of weeks I was trying to find some reasonable ways to get there and back and I couldn’t really find anything good except… easyJet… which I booked, oops! (Lufthansa, if you’re reading this, I’m so sorry but it isn’t my fault the only available fare to Iceland you have is in Y or B class… twice a week!)

So yes, easyJet… oh god, what have I done… One one hand I’m super happy since the flight was so damn cheap at just $49 USD, but on the other hand I’m kind of scared what the whole experience will be like.. I’ve never flown on a low cost airline before so this clearly will be an adventure. On the way back there wasn’t anything available except airBerlin.. how interesting, right? Not even easyJet was available on the day I wanted to return! airBerlin flies a single-cabin B737 between Reykjavik and Berlin, which I redeemed 10k AA miles for… and a damn good redemption that was considering the price was $400+ USD!

Anyway, while the flying to Iceland and back will kind of suck, I’m SUPER F#$%ing excited about going to Iceland! My next steps include to book hotels (which I will do through Club Carlson since I get a second night free thanks to my Club Carlson VISA), and somehow trying to rent a car… that shall be interesting!

In the meantime, here’s a fantastic video of Iceland, can’t wait!