I normally don’t write about credit cards since just about every other blogger does, but today is an exception. I’m sure most of you (if not all of you) have heard about Discover’s new Discover-it Miles card. Basically the card gives you cash back ‘miles’ which you can redeem for a statement credit.

I won’t talk about all the benefits, but I’d like to focus on one of them – the free WiFi credit. Basically each anniversary year, Discover will credit you up to $30 USD back for inflight WiFi charges. Yes, ALL of the world’s airlines are eligible (I called Discover and they said every single airline is eligible, but they might have to manually credit some charges from foreign airlines).

Is there an annual fee? Nope! That’s what makes this card attractive, is that there is NO annual fee and you get free WiFi!

Won’t some charges be foreign due to international airlines? Yep, but the card has NO Foreign transaction fees, so you don’t need to worry about fees.

A card that reimburses you for WiFi, doesn’t have an annual fee nor foreign transaction fees? I was instantly approved for the card and perhaps the only reason I got it is for the free WiFi credit. I mean why would I even use the card for anything else? I value airline miles way more than cash back miles.

Anyway, if you like free WiFi and don’t have a problem with your credit score falling 2-3 points temporarily, you should get it!

Note: This information is current as of March 2015 and may change. Do not rely on this post being accurate in the future. I do not have an affiliate relationship with Discover and they aren’t paying me for advertising this card.