F#$%!!!!!! After posting a couple of days ago about ‘finally’ being in the air after a month or so… well SFO gets hit by severe weather and storms….

Basically I found a good First Class fare from Seattle to Orlando via San Francisco which would net me ~20k miles for a low price and I also purchased First Class since it cost a little over $150 more than Economy.

Today morning I checked in for my flights normally and I was scheduled to fly in a couple of hours and as I’m getting everything ready I get an email from TripIt saying my outbound flight from Seattle to San Francisco is delayed by 1.5 hours and I only had an hour connection in San Francisco before continuing to Orlando so I clearly wasn’t going to make that… Furthermore, all flights today between Seattle and SFO were either cancelled or delayed by a couple of hours due to the storm/severe weather in the area. 155+ flights were cancelled into/out of SFO and hundreds of others were delayed – most by more than two hours.

I called United and the agent promptly saw that I clearly wouldn’t make it and there were no alternate flights available since I was coming back the same day and she went ahead and cancelled my reservation and said I would be getting a full refund within a couple of days.

I’m kind of sad… I spend hours trying to find a good mileage run since it is getting harder to find them and finally I was super excited and happy and then… boom! Weather…. Oh well.. guess I will be spending my Saturday at home eating ice cream and crying… I guess that’s better than being stuck at an airport, right?