So yesterday I flew to Florida and back. Yep, most of my friends think I’m crazy but at least my parents somewhat ‘get’ my hobby and why I love flying so much. Anyway, I mentioned two weeks ago that I had booked a mileage run and then the day before, due to delays at SFO, I had to cancel it because I wouldn’t make my connecting flights due to IRROPS. I was actually amazed at how fast United’s refund process was for getting my money back: I used some money from my Gift Registry and the rest on my credit card, and within 96 hours I had the money in the gift registry back and a credit appeared on my credit card’s billing statement. I thought it was going to take at least a month (if not more) for a refund. And as luck would have it, I decided to search for another mileage run and amazingly I found the same exact routing as the cancelled mileage run for $100 USD less! Well, that’s a steal in my opinion… thank you IRROPS! 🙂 So of course I booked it right away, on Tuesday, and I flew on Thursday (yesterday). I also had some time to check out the new Centurion Lounge at SFO.

The routing was as follows: SEA-SFO-MCO-SFO-SEA for a total of 6.249 actual miles flown, but much more miles credited due to the C.O.S bonus and my executive bonus.

I know people who mileage run a ton of segments spread over a couple of days, where they will fly 13+ segments and still want to fly more. Hell, I was tired after the four segments I flew in First Class! So I clearly must be doing something wrong 🙂 The nice thing about this routing was that all aircraft were at their departing city the day before, for example, the aircraft for the SEA-SFO segment flew into Seattle a day before, so there was no chance of a delay due to a late inbound arrival. Similarly, the SFO-MCO aircraft arrived around 22:00 the previous day in SFO so the same situation. Actually, the SFO-MCO and MCO-SFO segments were operated by the same B757 since it was coming right back to SFO, with me. The SFO-SEA aircraft flew to FLL earlier and thankfully everything was on time and nothing was delayed.

I will have a full report in the coming days about the flights, and more importantly, the Centurion Lounge at SFO!