Oh where have I been for the past few weeks? Well let’s just say this January for me has been the most hectic January ever. Year after year the month of January is relatively boring since nothing exciting happens in my life but so far, 2015 has gotten off to a great start and I would like to continue the ‘greatness’ as long as possible. Part of my resolutions has been to acknowledge each day and slow down and actually enjoy the day and think about each individual day versus just racing towards a day and not slowing things down. This has actually worked out well for me since now I feel like I have more time, which is always good.

Blogging is really hard

I didn’t really believe in ‘Writer’s Block’ until I actually started a blog. I used to think ‘how hard is it to write about something you’re passionate about?’ Well… it turns out it is harder than you’d think. I still love miles, points, flights, cities, travel, etc. That will never change. I just don’t feel like writing about some news thing that has happened regarding an airline or hotel or whatever if ten other bloggers have already written about it. I want to be unique and write about something that hasn’t been written about (with the exception of trip reports, of course). So while I generally have tons of ideas in my head about what to write about, it is still hard to write about it in a way that appeals to a wide audience.

Uni has started again…

I went back to Uni on the 5th of January and have been studying hard since, but that isn’t an excuse… since I do have tons of breaks and technically should be able to write something during that time. I also hate the fact that I have to take tons of stupid classes which I will presumably never use in my career. Not to mention my class schedule isn’t exactly the best thing in the world. So with my actual job, uni, life, etc. I haven’t been good at keeping up with the latest airline news, etc.

I’ve been sick

Apparently I am allergic to something in my room since I keep waking up with swollen eyes and I can barely see and then throughout the day it gets better as I take medication but it still pains me to look at the computer screen for a longer amount of time. I’ve been trying to minimise pointless time on the computer and just use it when necessary since that is what the doctor recommended.

I’ve booked awards

I have booked a couple of trips for this year already and most of them are in the summer when I’m in Europe since I do not have much time throughout the rest of the year to travel, but at least I will visit some places in Europe that I’ve always wanted to visit. The three that I have finalised are London, Paris and Rome. How typical, I know. But the fact is that I haven’t actually been to those cities outside of the airport and all three are beautiful and I can’t wait. I’m taking my auntie on some trips also because, well, I love her and she used to take me on trips when I was younger.

As far as trips in America, I am 99% sure that I’m taking my parents to New York soon since it is the last place that we want to see in America before they move back to Poland. We’ve been almost everywhere else and it is the last place on the list. For the trip I’m thinking of really spoiling them and flying AA’s A321 First Class and staying at the Park Hyatt in New York… Just a sec while I apply for more credit cards…

I haven’t booked mileage runs/revenue flights

I know I need to. I need to find mileage runs so that I can re-qualify for Star Gold this year and the only option is United and I’ve noticed they have $700+ ‘A’ fares which is great since Miles&More credits those as 300%. But on the other hand I don’t know if paying $700+ for 20k miles is worth it. I’ve done it cheaper in the past, but I literally cannot find anything else, this time last year I already completed a couple of mileage runs for cheap, cheap, cheap. So I will wait and if nothing new shows up, I guess I will book a couple of those ‘A’ fares.

Credit Cards…

I did apply for some new cards at the beginning of the month, and most went to pending status and I keep calling banks about if they have been approved or not. But as some of you probably saw my tweet, I did apply for the Aeroplan card from TDBank and I wasn’t instantly approved for the card and then a couple of weeks later I got it and tried to activate the card… and this is where the problem begins… They tell me I must go into a TD branch to show proof of income, housing, etc. before they can activate my card and you can’t fax the documents to them, it has to be shown to them at a branch. Isn’t that just the stupidest thing ever? I live nowhere near a TD branch so I decided to cancel the card the day I got it… Several reps told me the same thing about the verification.. so good bye 25k+ Aeroplan miles…

Parents want to play the mileage game

So I’ve been educating them about everything and they instantly applied for 20+ cards.. as crazy as it sounds… somehow they got approved for 90% of them. Now they have a ton of money they need to spend and I’m sure that will be quite difficult 🙂

You guys still like my blog, right?

I’ve been checking the statistics on the blog and even though no new posts went up in the past few weeks, the blog still receives a good amount of views per day which makes me think you guys are waiting for new posts and keep checking every day. Thank you for that! That has just made me way more motivated to actually publish something since I know that people are waiting. Also, do you guys want me to setup an e-mail notification service for when I post something? I mean you could always follow me on Twitter since new posts are updated there but if you still want e-mail notifications, let me know and I will set it up.

Award help emails.. yay!

I get at least a few e-mails a month from people asking about award advice and I was thinking about starting an Award Booking Service… mainly, well, because just about every blogger has one. No I am not in it for the money and I LOVE giving out free advice but I thought I would formalise it and maybe actually help people book the awards versus just telling them the best ways to redeem their miles for.

The final word

I’m sorry. I know that when I signed up for blogging about my favourite hobby, I made a promise to myself to write regularly and I just haven’t been doing that. Hopefully it will change as I’ve dedicated an hour to blogging for each day in my schedule so you guys should see more posts. Also did you like this ‘update’ post? I’ve been thinking about sharing more about what is going on in my life with you guys instead of just dry information. Let me know! 😉