When it comes to customer service, United Airlines is at the top of the ‘failing’ list. In general, it seems like most airlines don’t even know how to use social media nowadays. I recently flew from Houston to Seattle on United and there was a major delay in Houston and the gate agents did absolutely nothing to help or inform the passengers. I thought I would write in to United letting them know that I’m disappointed in the agents for not being proactive about the situation.

And on Monday morning (December 1st), I get the following e-mail:

UA Fail

UA Fail

From Toronto to Honolulu?!?! WTF? I flew from Cancun-Houston-Seattle, no where near Toronto or Honolulu! And what’s even more interesting is they write in December, mind you the flight was in November and it was the 1st of December when I got this e-mail. I know they copied and pasted most of the body of the text and perhaps forgot to change the details… but in December? I doubt they were replying back to customers that sent in messages earlier that day?

Anyway, it goes on to say at Houston airport, so that is correct but they still forgot to change the first paragraph.

Oh, United… My favourite fail from them is still the letter that a customer got regarding a [SPECIFIC EVENT]. 🙂