I’m planning next year’s travel already and so far my strategy is to use miles for international flights and just do premium-cabin mileage runs domestically within the U.S. (United has deals for ‘A’ fares for around $800 USD). One of the top places on my list to visit next year is the United Kingdom and maybe also Ireland. I’ve long wanted to re-visit London and the UK in general since I absolutely loved it the last time I was there (when I was about 7 years old and can only remember a couple of things). I will be in Europe (specifically Poland) for two and a half months in the summer and I wanted to take advantage of that and do a couple of trips to several European countries.

As far as flying to the UK, I was planning to use British Airways Avios and fly directly from Kraków to London (on the new BA route starting May 2015), and I found out it would cost 15k Avios round-trip in Euro Traveller (Economy Class) or 30k in Club Europe (Business Class). I rarely use my Avios and I was thinking about redeeming for Club Europe but then I figured that it probably wouldn’t make sense to spend an additional 15k Avios for a blocked seat, ‘better’ food service, etc. What do you guys think? (I don’t have oneworld status, but I do have a Priority Pass card which would get me into lounges). The only other options is to fly ‘my’ airline, Lufthansa, through Frankfurt; but I value Star Alliance miles too much to spend them on a short flight.

Now as far as actually visiting cities in the UK.. I was thinking of possibly visiting the following:

  • London (obviously… do I even need to explain why?!)
  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow
  • Liverpool
  • Manchester
  • Newcastle

6 cities in the UK, I highly doubt I will be able to visit all six but those are my top six and the cool thing is: my final destination could be Edinburgh and I could have a stopover in London for free, so that takes care of London, Edinburgh and Glasgow (only 50 minutes away from Edinburgh by car). How do I approach the rest of the cities? They are spread out around the UK, maybe take a train down to Newcastle from Edinburgh, then from Newcastle to Liverpool and Manchester and return to London? I could use 4.500 Avios for the short flights but I don’t know if all of the cities are connected.

As far as the hotels go, I have Starpoints and Club Carlson points that I was going to redeem for the nights and get some nights free (thanks to the Club Carlson credit card).

In general, I think we are looking at around ~2 weeks total in the UK. I figured more time for the big cities and a couple of days for the ‘smaller’ ones. I would love suggestions on which cities to visit and maybe even how to ‘transport’ myself between them.