I received a very interesting email from Lufthansa this morning – saying I will get a few thousand status miles because of multiple strikes that went on this year. While I think it is a very nice gesture on their part, I wouldn’t call it necessary because if someone was affected by a strike, Lufthansa re-booked passengers on other flights. It is a nice gesture of goodwill from their part and while the status miles will be useless to me (since I already re-qualified), I’m sure some people who were planning last minute mileage runs this year will be glad that they might not have to.

Here’s the email:

A turbulent and eventful year is drawing to a close; a year in which we have invested like no other airline in the quality of our product and in which we were awarded a 5-star rating for our First Class. However, in many respects it has also been a difficult year. Lufthansa is currently in the middle of an industrial dispute, which has resulted in strikes and flight cancellations. During the strike days we did everything we could to reduce the impact on your travel plans to a minimum. Despite our best efforts, the quality and reliability of our service has not always been what you have come to expect of Lufthansa. On behalf of the Lufthansa Board, I would like to apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.


Over and above our public statements about the strikes, it is important to me that you understand our position. Lufthansa management is conducting negotiations with the necessary single-mindedness because the long-term competitiveness of our business is at stake. Only in this way will we be able to continue to invest in our product, in our quality and in precisely those services that you expect from us.Rest assured that we are doing everything in our power to reach a solution as quickly and as expediently as possible.


I am, of course, aware that you may not have been able to take the flights with Lufthansa in 2014 that you planned. Consequently it is possible that your status qualification has been compromised. I therefore want to take this opportunity to award you a one-time credit of 10,000 status miles for the year 2014. My sincerest thanks for your loyalty to Lufthansa, season’s greetings and my very best wishes for a happy and successful 2015.

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