As much as I don’t like my national carrier, LOT, I do have to admit they did a (somewhat) good job with their DreamLiner 787 and so far have had success flying those planes on all of their intercontinental routes (they completely got rid of their old B767’s… thank God). I don’t like LOT for a couple of reasons and one of the main ones is how ‘proud’ they are to be the national carrier of Poland and always run these ridiculous ads saying ‘they will go the extra mile to help you’ or ‘we’ve significantly upgraded our meals’ and stuff like that which couldn’t be further from the truth. Their staff is not friendly at all and most of the time is unwilling to help.

Anyway, it seems like they have just opened a new, separate, area in Warsaw (the main hub and base) which will accommodate Business Class passengers and Star Alliance Gold members checking in. Before (and still), there wasn’t a separate area, instead you just went to the flight’s check-in desk. I especially love how they plastered the text ‘HON Circle’ and ‘Business Class’ all over the new area even though I doubt there are more than 100 LOT HONs (if even that).

Here are some pictures on